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 Popular North Dublin pub The Players Lounge was gutted by fire. The pub owned by John Stokes father of Celtic football star Anthony, was completely gutted following an incident at approx 2am on Tuesday morning when four men entered the premises. One of the gang members was armed with a gun. The bar manager was tied up and an undisclosed amout of cash was taken from the safe. The gang then started a fire in the lounge of the pub and fled the premises. The bar manager was able to get out of the building and was not injured in the blaze. Earlier this year Mr. Stokes was ordered by Dublin District court to take a controversial banner down from outside his pub which barred Queen Elizabeth from the premises ahead of her visit to Ireland in May. The interior of the popular sports and music pub is now a blackened shell.
Source; The Evening Herald 2/8/2011  

President Obama  Visits  Moneygall

Publican Ollie Hayes welcomed the US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to his pub Ollies Bar set in the heart of Moneygall, in south Offaly on the Tipperary border Obamas ancestoral home.

As part of his visit, President Obama and Michelle walked through the town greeting thousands of  locals who had gathered to welcome them  and in true Irish fashion they visited the local pub.

Making a special delivery to Ollies Bar last week, Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray said, What better way to welcome the US President Barack Obama to Ireland than with a pint of Guinness in his ancestors local pub

Recession takes its toll on Irish Pubs.
 Over 100 Pubs in Galway cannot renew their licences   
Over 100 pubs in Galway may not be able to renew their licences next September. The downward spiral in trade has resulted in around a quarter of Galway publicans  having difficulties in meeting their tax and rates bills which could have serious implications for the renewal of their licences.
Mr. Paul O' Grady Tuam Publican and nightclub owner said he believed that the price of drink in discount supermarkets was having an adverse effect on trade and are killing us he said. Mr. O' Grady said the only way to address this crisis is for pubs to strike back by cutting prices " It requires a three pronged approach . The Government , our suppliers and the publicans need to reduce their take from the drink we serve accross the counter, plus the issue of rents and commercial rates will have to be tackled.  What we are looking at is a return to a 2.50 euro pint" he said.
Source  Connacht Tribune 15/7/2011